Themed Jewelry

Commemorate what you love and tell your own story with themed jewelry from Waxing Poetic. Though each piece is unique and has its own special spirit, it belongs to something greater than itself. Whether to signify your love for nature, your partner, your pet or your passion, these themed pieces build a narrative in sterling silver and brass. From the Galaxy Jewelry Collection to the Love Collection, jewelry from Waxing Poetic is woven together by the fundamentals of life and the things that make you tick - faith, hope, love, gratitude, family and more.

Themed Jewelry Collections from Waxing Poetic

If you’re looking for a remarkable way to honor someone you love, you’ll find something in this selection for the job. Whether romantic or platonic, our pieces make a wonderfully thoughtful and especially personalized gift for someone dear. Choose themes that you know will resonate with your recipient for something undeniably special.

Meaningful Themes That Resonate

Many of our customers happily mix and match pieces of various themes to help contribute to their narrative jewelry designs. Combine charms of bravery with charms of compassion to honor all of your very best characteristics. A carefully curated charm bracelet or necklace from Waxing Poetic is entirely true to you, and no one else will have the same set. Combine all of the sentiments that mean the most to you for a wearable work of art that will inspire and comfort as you go on life’s voyage.

All pieces from Waxing Poetic are made from high-quality materials by hand. Our skilled artisans use partially recycled sterling silver and brass to craft original creations for you. Waxing Poetic is a family business that’s owned and operated by women.


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