Symbolic Jewelry

What we choose to wear as jewelry speaks volumes about the type of person we are and what we value in our lives. Waxing Poetic jewelry is designed to be a mirror of your soul to the outside world and wearing adornments that have special significance for us personally lifts our spirit and fortifies our being. That is especially true of our symbolic jewelry collections. These meaningful groupings of handcrafted pendants, charms, rings and bracelets are some of our most well-known, beloved jewelry. They’re designed to collect, gift and treasure.

Personal Mantras, Symbols and Milestones

We begin by honoring the unique self, with deeply personal charms and other jewelry that celebrates the individual. Our Tiny Light Birthstones collection features a tiny light for every month of the year, in sterling silver. This can represent the month of a person’s birth or a favorite stone or color. Foundation Stones, which are part of this collection, are jewel-toned charms, also for each month of the year, set in sterling silver halos. In our Word Charms series, each sterling silver or brass charm focuses on a single word that’s rich with meaning. It may be your mantra — something that you would like a regular reminder of throughout your day. The Personal Interest Charm collection is just that — familiar symbols of a person’s life that marks certain milestones, hobbies, inner thoughts and ideals. These are wonderful additions to a charm bracelet. This symbolic grouping also includes ourCamp Charms, styled on vintage pins and scouting badges, feature a single word or important symbol, in sterling silver relief on an attractive brass base.

Divine Inspiration from the Birds and the Bees

Much can be learned from our winged brethren. Winged Victories celebrates the grace and beauty of the bees, butterflies, dragonflies and birds. This collection of rings, charms and pendants is symbolic of taking flight, reveling in one’s personal freedom and celebrating one’s achievements. The "Bundled by Love" Bird Nest Charms honor the importance of nurturing in our lives, of ourselves and of our loved ones. Inspired by honey bees, our Bee Brave Bee jewelry collection will resonate with anyone focused on bravery, persistence, teamwork and abundance.

Restore and Connect with the Earth

The Touchstone Pendants series channels the energies of the Earth, which are there to restore us and direct us to our innermost selves. In our Tree of Life jewelry, we honor this ancient symbol of eternal life and enlightenment. The Found Again charms, inspired by antique medallions, feature brass and sparkling Kristal crystals. They invoke deep faith and depict powerful archaic symbols such as a hearts, arrows, starbursts, anchors and crosses.

Messages from Spirits of Myth and Legend

Moving out from the self, we naturally seek connection with others in our family, community, world, and with the spirits of myths and legends. Our Supernaturals collection pays tribute to these energies, with ancient symbols that represent various goddesses in the Greek pantheon, from the Arrow of Artemis to the Sun of Athena. The Theory of Light pendants celebrate the healing power of light, with stunning designs of brass, sterling silver and Kristal crystals.


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