At Waxing Poetic, we believe that the jewelry you choose to wear is an expression of your soul. We introduce ourselves to everyone we meet, not first by words, but by our unspoken essence and our adornments. The crafting and wearing of jewelry dates back to prehistoric times, and we’re proud and humbled to continue in this tradition, offering uniquely styled jewelry that has been handcrafted by skilled artisans.

Distinctive Handcrafted Jewelry

You’ll discover a dazzling selection of Waxing Poetic charms and pendants, insignias, chains and bracelets, as well as Waxing Poetic necklaces, rings, earrings and accessories. Choose from exquisitely detailed sterling silver, brass and white bronze pieces with accents such as fresh water honey pearls, Kristal crystals, rose quartz and semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, turquoise, labradorite, pyrite, opal and moonstone.Charms and pendants mark a special moment in one’s life and they are rich in symbolism. We offer a collection of birthstones (also known as Tiny Lights and Foundation Stones) and a huge selection of artistic designs and symbols found throughout history. There are depictions of animals, the Tree of Life, elements of nature, hearts and life-affirming words and phrases.

Our insignia jewelry is inspired by antique signet rings and Victorian wax seals. These charms, pendants and rings beautifully display a person’s initial or monogram and are expertly crafted from sterling silver and brass. We offer a wide selection of sterling silver and brass chains, available in different lengths and styles. There are chains with pyrite, labradorite, spinel beads, amethyst and jasper or turquoise.

Among our collection of bracelets, you’ll see bangles, beaded bracelets, cuffs, leather bracelets and rolo chain bracelets. They’re made from the highest quality brass, sterling silver and white bronze, and may be adorned with Kristal crystals or hematite. We have necklaces for every personality, with exotic features such as Czech glass beads, Peruvian opal, multicolored stones, hematite and honey pearl. Our rings and earrings are as distinctive and varied as our other jewelry, expertly crafted from silver, brass, Kristal crystals and white bronze.

Discover our Starter Series of necklaces and bracelets, which are designed to accept additional charms. Create a personalized gift in our Custom Collection and browse our Collections of special jewelry groupings, for coordinated gift giving. We also offer essential Accessories, and we invite you to explore our Featured Favorites.

Sustainable Jewelry from Indonesia

Most of the jewelry you’ll find here is handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. This is one of only a few regions worldwide that makes a sustainable living from ancient traditions such as silversmithing and other indigenous crafts. We work directly with the facility to ensure the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as fair compensation, decent working conditions and responsible environmental stewardship.


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