To ensure your precious Waxing Poetic collectibles are authentic, look for these maker’s marks and always purchase your items from an authorized Waxing Poetic dealer.



Occasionally, you will come across a piece with an older maker’s mark. This occurs because the Waxing Poetic brand (like most things) is a constant evolution and development of design and poetry. Our maker’s marks were created (and varied) to compliment the specific products that possessed them. Many of our authorized dealers have been with us since the very beginning of this journey and will have pieces in stock from all along the way. Our older items are more rare and highly sought after by collectors, because once the design has been discontinued, it is gone for good. So, collect while you can!


When purchasing pieces from a reliable third party seller (such as eBay or etsy) be cautious of terms like ” Waxing Poetic Style” these pieces are designed to simulate ours, however they are not a product of WP and would not be protected or honored by our return policy if lost or damaged. Artisans create all genuine Waxing Poetic pieces across the globe, with high quality materials and distinctive design characteristics.

Some of our first designs ever created, may not have a maker’s mark at all. There are certain characteristics that can be used to identify if a piece without a mark is authentic, if you are questioning a piece of jewelry, please call our customer service team and they can help you identify it.

If you have a question about a Waxing Poetic piece, you can reach a product expert here.

We at Waxing Poetic encourage you to tell your story through self-expression, wear the pieces of jewelry that hold meanings dear to your heart, do what feeds your soul and celebrate the journey.


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