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At Waxing Poetic, we put immense love, thought and care into every jewelry collection we produce. These special creations have been grouped together by a similar aesthetic and creative expression, from luminous crystal-studded pieces to gorgeously textured talismans inspired by Mother Earth. Though every piece in every Waxing Poetic collection is a genuine one-of-a-kind, each is anchored to its sister pieces by a shared sentiment or visual theme. Select your favorite individual pieces or create your own collection with whatever combination helps you tell your special story.

Explore the Waxing Poetic Jewelry Collections

Our exceptionally talented designers, crafters and silversmiths are constantly dreaming up whimsical and artful collections that evoke meaning. Each collection has its own spirit and personality, from the earthy glamour of the Kristal Collection to the symbolic, airy aesthetic of the Light as a Feather Collection. With groupings inspired by time, nature beauty, wonder, faith and individuality, there’s a piece of meaningful jewelry in one of our collections that will spark something deep within you or your chosen recipient. If you don’t yet own any Waxing Poetic jewelry, we always recommend starting with the Starter Series to begin your collection from scratch.

Writing the Poetry of Life with Waxing Poetic

Whether you want to express romance, gratitude or pride, Waxing Poetic jewelry makes a fantastic gift for anyone on your list. Commemorate a big milestone or accomplishment with a special piece and then add to the collection with each and every new celebration. As always, our team of dedicated artisans is constantly dreaming up poetic new designs that spark joy and ignite the imagination, so be sure to keep an eye on our collections to see what’s new and find something that resonates with you.


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