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Poetic Giving

Poetic Giving unites with authors and activators to promote love in action through jewelry and talismans that bear their words. 100% of the net profits from each piece is donated directly to fund projects that the authors support, each providing dialogue, hope, assistance and healing in a world that needs it more than ever.
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Jennifer Pastiloff, author of “On Being Human” for the Aleksander Fund


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “City of Girls” and “E...



Jennifer Pastiloff, author of “On Being Human” for the Aleksander Fund


Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “City of Girls” and “Eat, Pray, Love,” for Project Home



Bridget Fonger, author of “Superhero of Love,” for Love Forward Talks



Glennon Doyle, author of “Untamed” and “Love Warrior,” for Together Rising


Poetic Giving Jewelry Collection – Word Jewelry Cuff with Author-Inspired Message and 20% Donation to Author Cause

At the heart of giving back is the desire to share what one has with another. It is this deep desire to give that inspired us to create a collection of jewelry that allows you and us to contribute to important causes. When we give, we also receive because the very act of giving can enliven and enrich our lives.

If you are looking for an easy way to combine your love of boho jewelry with a desire to help others, Poetic Giving is a wonderful way to participate. With every purchase of a jewelry cuff from this collection, we donate 20% of the purchase price to a cause that is close to an author’s heart. We, and they, thank you for your generosity.

Author/Activator Causes

Authors love to share stories with an audience of readers, and we admire them for staying committed to sharing their visionary works with us. Inspiration and creativity in the book writing world go hand-in-hand with inspired jewelry creation. This is why partnering with authors is such a natural fit for the Waxing Poetic family.

This collection pays tribute to powerful authors such as Bridget Fonger and Jennifer Pastiloff. Both authors are powerful spirits and they inspire countless people with their empowering and motivating words. A portion of the proceeds go to Love Forward Talks (Bridget Fonger) and The Aleksander Fund Scholarship (Jennifer Pastiloff).

Golden Cuffs

Golden cuffs gleam in the light, adorning your arm with soft, metallic brass that looks beautiful with countless outfits. Made of shiny brass, our Poetic cuffs feature words associated with each author. We call these words mantras and each mantra represents a specific point of view.

A mantra may be motivating, encouraging, enlightening or “in your face” real. We encourage you to browse each one to see which words connect the most with your inner being. Choose a word cuff that reflects how you feel now or one that inspires you to move beyond roadblocks. Cuffs are beautifully engraved and easy to read.


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