Synchronicities and the Inner Compass

with Elizabeth Gilbert

The idea for the “Inner Compass” collection came to me by following my own, and then a meaningful coincidence happened, after I read a post by Liz Gilbert, whom I was about to meet for the first time.

Synchronicities & the Inner Compass with Elizabeth Gilbert

The magical Liz, on a magical day, at the "On Being Magic" event, with her Inner Compass

FIND STILLNESS, THEN START. This is the phrase on the back of a the sparkly compass I had designed. I wanted to somehow capture the magic of intuition, our inner guide, the one that knows the way.

As much as I have explored wayfinding themes with my collaborators here in the past, and created so many wonderful things when in the flow of creativity, I somehow found myself lost, for real OH SO LOST, without self-trust, when my head had overcome my heart while trying to balance the challenges of business with my creative and family life. Business was speaking loud, with needs like a baby that I didn’t know how to calm. My spirit became weak. Other people’s voices and opinions were strong. I doubted myself, and instead of trusting my own intuition, with which I had built much success, I betrayed it. Betrayed myself. Multiple times. I became sick, and a series of challenging events unfolded that threatened everything I knew and held dear in my life. Except most of it wasn’t real, because the real can’t be lost. I found myself quite shook, and woke for (what I hope is ) good.

Everything changed, because I had changed. I got radically clear about one thing: I have fine-tuned wisdom, divinity and answers inside of me. A joyous return was afoot! I was soon guiding myself through a life I never realized I was brave enough to live.

I remembered how I started this company almost 20 years ago: simply making things that came to me, in an unedited way, to please no one by the divine intelligence that gave me the idea to begin with. And I went back there. I became giddy with wild life and precious living, saying no to the No's, and yes to the Yes’s (beginning to get really good at knowing the difference). And good things started happening when I just did what I felt was right. My path became realigned with my heart, not my head. Signals and messages and all sorts of wonderful things started to appear...

And one of them was a beautiful reinforcement of both what I had just come through, and this little collection I designed that is precisely about listening to that voice.

A week before I would board a plane to attend a workshop where I would meet Liz Gilbert for what I hope is the first of many times, I saw this Instagram post that she wrote:

“How about radical trust in the only navigating system that is utterly yours?” Liz wrote. This post just left me astonished! Exactly what I was getting at, in my small way, through this small compass piece. How can it be that this is happening at the same time? A meaningful coincidence, spirit energy, synchronicity. And all kinds of - to borrow the title of Liz’s beloved book – Big Magic.

An intuit, connector and welcomer of Providence, I’m getting ready for my trip. We had just approved two samples of the new sparkly compass pendant, so I put one in my bag to bring as a present for Liz. When we met, I explained that I had been working on this “Inner Compass” for some time, and that her post said everything I hoped this piece would embody… and that I couldn’t believe the coincidence… and I’d love her to have one.

She received it with a knowing smile. And I move forward with deep gratitude. What awe can be found in this unexplainable, mysterious universe. Thank you Liz. Thank you still deep voice.

X Patti

Elizabeth Gilbert is the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Eat, Pray, Love, The Nature of all Things, Big Magic, and City of Girls. Join her community on Instagram: @elizabeth_gilbert_writer



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